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There are transverse lines that varying the depths from person to person in forehead. The forehead skin and facial skin begins to have relaxation and sagging as the age gets older. Eyebrows start to get down with the time and tired –eyed expression revealed. Poor diet, smoking, stress, air pollution, inadequate skin care or non skin care, the effect of gravity and facial expressions make this result easy.

Who can apply?

This operation is applied to over 40 years of men and women who have no other health problems. The most suitable candidates are who have lower brows than should be, have a sad and tired look and have two lines that extending to one or two deep lines over their noses.

How is the surgery done?

Lifting operation can be performed with endoscopic method in recent times. Patients who do not need to be removed more tissue, the operation is done by opening 2cm of 3-4 pieces in the scalp. A small optical camera is inserted in it and the area is displayed. With endoscopic instruments the skin and the eyebrows get liberated from the skull bones and with the suspensory sutures determined higher points. The operation can be done by local or general anesthesia with sedation. It lasts 1,5-2 hours.

The patient can return home few hours later after the surgery. If you have more flabbiness in the forehead and eyebrows and skin need to be removed, the stretching method is applied. In this method, there will be 4-5 cm of hair line like a crown style, but these traces are hidden within the scalp. There will be a temporary loss of sensation in the long hair skin. The operation to fullfill the eyebrows is suspended within an operation.

What happens after surgery?

After endoscopic method, receiving the area and the hair elastic bandage is applied to the skin for 48-72 hours. Although not much pain, edema and bruises around the eyes consists after 24 hours later. These usually disappear within a week. After the classical methods, swelling, bruising, general feeling of numbness and tension can be around the forehead and eyes. They passed spontaneously within 2 weeks. Eyes, nose and mouth will be left open, the head bandage may be applied. The bandage drops 2 days after. General control and change dressings are made. The hair is washed and if necessary, re-coil is placed. Stitches will be removed after 5-7 days. Either way, eventually people may return to work after 2 weeks, can do make-up. 2 months of heavy exercise and avoiding the sun, protection from external shocks are recommended. Given a new shape to the forehead and eyebrows, it is based on according to a person’s body and sometimes life is based on 5-10 years.

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