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What is Beard Transplantation?

Beard transplantation is a medical intervention that is recently preferred by those with thin or abnormally non-growing beard for various reasons. After various accomplishments made in hair transplantation especially in our country, the way for beard transplantation has been paved and the taboos have been broken.

Beard Transplantation Techniques

Various techniques are preferred in beard transplantation for men to have the amount of beard they desire. The most common ones are FUT and FUE. There are serious differences between two beard transplantation techniques. Today FUT method is not preferred for beard transplantation operations due to its disadvantages. In FUT, known as Follicular Unit Transplantation, the beard grows in the same angle everywhere, there might be scars after operation, and severe pain might be felt especially on the nape. In FUE, however, the beard grows in a proper angle everywhere in accordance with the physiological structure of the patient. Beard grows as individual follicles, and there won’t be any scar after the operation since no incision is made.

How much beard should be transplanted?

Beard transplantation might be applied on the face where the patient feels he is lacking hair. While thickness and location of beard transplantation must be decided as requested by the patient, the healthiest solution would be consulting a doctor and decide with him for the amount of the follicles.

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