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Botox is a special neurotoxin complex produced from the toxin of C. botilinium bacteria.
It is used for wrinkle treatment by injecting certain doses into mimic muscles. Forehead lines, brows knit and eye sides’ lines are priority usage area. Apart from that it is applied successfully in purpose of neck lines and in perspiration treatment and brow lifting. The effect of Botox application continues for 4-6 months and in re-applications the effect gets longer.
However, as well as all this wrinkle treatments, recently natural looking face applications are being more preferable, as a result, presently, there are Botox applications, applied to more spots and difficult to observe and the results being more natural and successful. 


It is the method of filling deep wrinkles in the skin in one session using natural filling products. It can be used for laughing lines, brow knits, and lip filling.
The filling materials, which have lasting effect for 8 months to 1 year depending on the selected region, have no side effects.

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