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Breasts are organs that bring women body to perfection. Breast volume takes a great place in measuring the shoulder width, breast area, waist and hips size.

Breasts can be structurally smaller because of various reasons. One can be smaller than the other and can be asymmetric. One may not be existed congenitally. Silicone implants are used in order to equalize or increase the volume.

These are categorized in two groups; implants that consists of gel and implants that consist of serums. What kind of implant be used in the operation is determined by the doctor and the patient.

Who can apply?

Can be applied for the purpose of voluming or lifting to women with smaller breast or to women who had normal size of breasts that faced sagging problems after giving birth or some other reasons. Realized to eliminate the difference between the two breasts or to constitute new breast after having been removed. Breast implants can be applied to everyone except for teenagers under 18 (if there isn’t any medical necessity) and except for people having psychological disorders.

How to get prepared for the operation?

The patients who have decided to have a breast augmentation operation, the breast tissue is evaluated with radiological inspections called mammography and ultrasonography if necessary. You doctor will give you detailed information about the implants that will be used, procedures that will be applied and about the things you should do before the operation after deciding that there isn’t a problem for the operation.

How the operation is done?

Breast augmentation operation is done under general anesthesia. Breast implant can be placed from a tunnel created in the muscle under the breast, around the nipples or armpit. No matter where the entrance is made, there will ocur scars. These scars will be visible at the beginning but in the length of time will become invisible. The most tolerated scar is the one around the nipple. The operation scar, is suited in the vanishing point of the brown nipple and the light colored skin and becomes visible in time. The implant can be placed behind the breast tissue of behind the breast muscle. The duration of the operation is 2-3 hours. The patient is discharged on the same day or the other day.

What happens after the operation?

After the operation you can feel plenty of pain. The hand and arm movements can be limited for a few days if the implant is placed behind the breast muscle. A bra –like band is applied on the breasts. Another dressing is put on the nipple. Dressing is checked after 2 days, and the band is removed 7 days later. The patient can go to work 3-4 days later if she desires. The stiches are removed 7-10 days later. The patient is dressed sports bra for 3 months and massage is suggested.

In early times, there may be puffiness, numbness on the nipple and a livid color change on the skin. These become invisible naturally in a short time. It is suggested that the patient stays away from heavy sports for 3 months. The operation scars will fade in time and become invisible in 6 months-1 year.

Because that the breast augmentation is supplied by a foreign substance to the body, there may occur problems due to the implant. Capsule contracture can be formed around the implant. Capsule contracture is, deformation of the breast structure by the tissue around the implant and becoming excessively solid. Due to the different convalences between the both sides asymmetria can occur.

The following weeks and even months after the surgery, sclerosis can occur on the breast in different rates. In some circumstances the surgent can suggest breast massage in order to increase softness. Although the surface of the silicone implants is thin, is considerably stabile against impacts. 2 months after the operation, the patient can lay in the prone position. Rending of the implant is a rare condition. Can appear in congestions in car accidents, falling down from a high place or on injuries by drilling tools. In this occasion the contents of the implant is important.

If the implant includes saline, there is nothing to fear. This liquid is harmless to the body.

If desired, breast implants can be removed by an operation of 15-20 minutes under local anesthesia.

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