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Is the women type augmentation in men’s breast area. In adolecence, in 1/3 of men have single or mutual breast augmentation; mostly become normal in 1-2 years. Rarely continues till declining years. Apart from that, due to gaining excessive weight, disorders in hormonal balance, hormonal changes in declining years gynecomasty may be formed.

First of all, a gynecomasty patient should consult to an endocrinologist or an internal specialist in order to learn if he has a severe desease beneath or not. If there is a fact like that, this should be cured at first. If there isn’t any reason beneath the cure of gynecomasty is surgical.

Who can apply?

Gynecomastia forming in adolecence will be cured in time so if it doesn’t cause psychological problems it is suggested for young men to wait for a while. In some severe cases that cause excessive psychological problems, early surgery may be suggested. If gynecomastia continues despite the fact that the adolecence is over, operation is required.

How the operation is done?

In this operation which can be done under local or general anesthsia, liposuction or surgical action or both applications can be made according to the structure of the breast. Liposuction is done going through one or two holes under the breast. The scars become invisible in time. If the breast tissue is composed of fat, liposuction will be sufficient. If the fat is solid and formed of real breast tissue it will not be possible to remove by liposuction. In this occasion, the excess breast tissue is removed by a semilunar cut around the nipple. Sometimes if the breast tissue is formed by both breast and fat, first liposuction is applied then the tissue is removed by cutting the nipple. The patient is discharged the same or the other day.

What happens after the operation?

After the operation, a corset is put in order to apply pressure on the dressing. Corset should be kept at least for 2 weeks, preferably 4 weeks. The scars will heal in 4 weeks if liposuction is done. The stiches are removed 7-10 days later. The patient can return to normal activities in 3-4 days. Later, the movements become easier and at the end of the 4th week the patient is able to do heavy sports.

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