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Breasts may gain saggy feature due to underdevelopment of weight lose or after pregnancy. This situation can be taken under control by breast lifting operation. By this operation the asymmetrics can also be fixed. It is aimed to regain the firmness and the shape of the breasts.

Who can apply?

It is usually applied to patients who have saggy breasts. It is preferred that the patient has her development completed. However can be applied earlier on the patients if their breasts are too problematic to wait until.

How to get prepared for the operation? 

Like in other operations, tell your doctor why you want to have an operation and what you expect from the surgery. Inform your doctor if anyone in your family has breast illness or cancer and if you have any drug or smoking habits. The doctor will give you the necessary information.

How the operation is done?

Before the patient is taken into the operation room, drawings are made about the new nipple placement and the new form of the breast.

The breast sagging is categorized in various kinds. If sagging is below the breast line or close it is called 1st degree (light). In this occasion, lifting is made by taking tissue from areola area.

If the nipple is 1-3cmm down the below line it is 2nd degree (average). More tissue is needed, there will be a longitudinal scar around areola down under the breast. Sometimes this scar can be planned as ‘little t’. If the nipple is down more than 3cm from the lower breast line, it is 3rd degree.

In this situation mastopexy is applied leaving adverse t-shaped scar. In this operation there will be a horizontal scar under the breast. These scars become more visible and reddish in the first months but as the months pass they will become softer, get whiter and become less visible. However these scars are hidden under bra or bikini so they won’t disturb the patient. The operation is done under general anesthesia and takes approximately 2-3 hours.

What happens after the operation?

After the operation you can feel plenty of pain. The arm movements can be limited for a few days if the implant is placed behind the breast muscle. A bra –like band is applied on the breasts. Another dressing is put on the nipple. Dressing is removed 2 days later.

The band is removed 7 days later. The stiches are removed 7-10 days later. The patient is dressed sports bra for 6 weeks and massage is suggested. In early times, there may be puffiness, numbness on the nipple and a livid color change on the skin. These become invisible naturally in a short time. The patient can go to work in 3-4 days.

It is suggested that the patient stays away from heavy sports for 3 months. The aesthetic breast lifting is an operation that has usually good and permanent results and balances the person’s mental health.

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