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What is silicone? Is it harmful to the body?

Silicone, is a synthetic polymer obtained from silicone. Silicone, was found in 1824 and is obtained from silica (silica-silicone dioxide SiO2) existing in sand, opal, quartz.

Oxigen and carbon are the most common elements in the world. Silicone, being widely used in all branches of medicine, is an harmless element and when used can stay in the body for years.

Solid silicone is used in face implants (implants used for augmenting the cheek bones or jawbone) joint prostheses, intragastric baloons, breast prostheses, testis prostheses; silicone even takes place in diverse medicine compositions.

We hear that the silicones are not used in United States and Europe any more, is this true?

According to a research, the samples taken from autopsies it is understood that silicone exists in human body. It is proved that using silicone in solid state is harmless and the usage of solid silicone for medical purpose has been approved by FDA. Thus silicones can be used in all corners of the world.

Silicone is said to cause breast cancer, is it true?

It is declared that the implants made of silicones increase the risk of breast cancer but this has not been proved. This doesn’t mean that the patients with silicone implants don’t have the risk for breast cancer. The breast cancer risk is same as the other population with the ones with silicone implants.

Merely, the breast cancer diognosis may be easier because the prostheses of women with silicone implants highlights the breast tissue; this may have lead up to an impression that the women with breast augmentation face breast cancer more.

How long do the breast implants last?

Breast implants do not have an estimated life, do not need to be changed in time. Only filtering of the serum inside the implant means that the implant encounters a volume loss. This doesn’t mean to blow up. Even also the serum filters out this isn’t harmful for your body. The serum is absorbed easily by your body.

Do the silicones blast? Can I board a plane, can I go to sauna?

In magazine press, because every news about breast implants are given in a sensational style like ‘such person’s silicones are blown up!’ is is believed that the breast implants can blow up easily. Actually blowing up the silicone breast implants is not so easy. Believing that a lady with breast implants can not board a plane, go to sauna is false.

This belief is experienced in ‘Myth Busters’ tv show in Discovery Channel. In this programme a pair of silicone implants is put in a pressure room and was exposed to high and low pressure.

There was no change in the volume of the implants, there wasn’t any structural change in the serum inside and the silicone gel. The implants were exposed to high and low pressures that even a human can not survive, nevermore there was no change in the silicones..

Programme’s scientific consultancy was made by Gregory Georgiade, MD., PDA, (the famous writer of the book ‘Georgiade Plastic Surgery) In other words a woman with breast implants can board a plane, dive in deep water as she wishes.

I’m thinking about having silicone implants. Will it be difficult for me to suckle when I have a baby? Is it harmful to my baby?

The silicone implants are not harmful for suckling when they are placed under the breast tissue or breast muscle under the breast tissue. In silicone implamentation and breast augmentation operations the connections between the breast tissue and milk channels are not cut.

Thus you can suckle. Also the breast implant placed doesn’t decrease the quality of the breastmilk. Is not harmful to you and your baby.

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