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Although breast reduction operation is done to fix women’s appearance, it may actually be done for health problems too. A big and a saggy breast can cause back and neck aches or can lead to kyphos (being hunchbacked).

Compatibility may occur due to bra making pressure on arm nerves. The patient can experience difficulty while breathing. Redness and wounds may be formed due to friction between the breast and nipple skin.

The daily physical activity can be limited. Woman being critical about herself because of her breasts can cause social and psychological problems. It is possible to eliminate these kind of complaints caused by big and saggy breasts by breast reduction operation. Breasts can get big excessively due to genetical factors, hormonal changes or some illnesses. Weight changes, suckling and gravity effect increase the existing problem.

Who can apply?

Most patients who like to have breast reduction operation has problems with too big and saggy breasts. Their activities are limited and some physical illnesses have been formed. This operation can not be done unless the breast development is completed, however if the size of the breasts have caused severe physical problems, can be done at earlier ages.

How to get prepared for the operation?

It is very important that the patient informs the doctor about her expectations. Doctor will do breast inspection and measurement, will take circumstances into consideration like age, the shape of the breast, size and skin structure and will give you information about the operation that is suitable for you and about the necessary preparations.

How the operation is done?

In breast reduction operations, the big breast tissue is re-shaped according to person’s body size. The excess breast tissue and the skin on the breast is removed. Nipple is carried to where it should be. The operation is done in hospital conditions under general anesthesia.

Takes about 2,5-4 hours. No matter which technique is used there is always a scar around the nipples. Another scar remains in a shape of adverse T from the bottom middle edge of the nipple to downward due to the technique applied.

The bottom of the T – shaped scar is fit on to lower breast line. However the scar on the breast line is removed with a technique used lately. There is only a scar of 4,5-5cm around the nipples and from the bottom middle edge of the nipple to downwards. The scars are visible at the beginning, may become invisible in time.

What happens after the surgery?

The pain after the operation is usually minimal. There may be limitation in arm movements. A bra –like band is applied on the breasts. Another dressing is put on the nipple. Dressing is removed 2 days later.

The band is removed 7 days later. The stiches are removed 7-10 days later. The patient stays at the hospital for 1-3 days. The patient is dressed sports bra for 6 weeks and massage is suggested. In early times, there may be puffiness, numbness on the nipple and a livid color change on the skin. These become invisible naturally in a short time. The patient can return to her job in 3-4 days if she doesn’t have a tiring work. Has to be aware of lifting or pushing heavy things during 3-4 weeks.

It is suggested that the patient stays away from heavy sports for 3 months. The aesthetic breast reduction is an operation that has usually good and permanent results and balances the person’s mental health. This operation results in getting the fastest consequences in physical appearence. The disturbance that the breast cause ends. People you know can even think that you have lost weight.

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