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Although the history of hair transplantation has been based on many years, new methods have been developed as a result of R&D studies. The method of FUT is the most painful method in hair transplantation. After FUT method FUE was developed. Finally, the latest method of the hair transplantation is accepted as DHI.

How is operation process of DHI conducted?

For those who applied our hospital for hair transplantation firstly get various tests to determine the quality of the hair which is going to be planted. The factors such as the hair density, the quality of the raw material of keratin in the hair, and the durability of the hair is extremely important. By looking at the results, the number of the grafts which are going to be taken are decided. In DHI method, a special tool which is called Choi Pen is used. Hairs are taken and transplanted by means of this pen.

What are the advantages of DHI?

Thanks to DHI, hair is transferred to the new area as ready to grow.
During hair transplantation, not only the hair roots, but also the fat that are necessary for hair growth and the outer membrane which provides protection of the root are also transferred with hair. In DHI hair transplant, healing process is shortened.

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