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Every 1 woman of five, some hair loss can be seen generally depending on age, some illnesses or hormonal problems. Frequently seen in woman; certain amount of thinning and hair loss.

There are lots of reasons which cause hair loss for woman;


There is no proved direct connection between age and hair loss. Even at the age of 20’s, hair loss can start in women who have genetical liabilities.


Androgenetic alopecia: Hair loss is relatively common in woman with about %80 experiencing androgenetic alopecia. Unlike men, the hair loss in women can not be easily diagnosed.

There are 3 forms of hair loss in women, they are:

  • Thinning on the frontal hairline and at the top of the head .
  • Thinning of hair and hair loss occur on the large areas that are located at the center of top area of the head.
  • The hair loss on large areas that are located at the center of top area of the head, movement of this area to the front or back or hair loss on the frontal hairline.


Stress: Stress can lead to hair loss on particular occasions. This type of hair loss is different than androgenetic alopecia. If stress is eliminated, hair grows up again approximately in a year.
Pregnancy: Hair becomes more beautiful and thick during pregnancy because estrogen hormones are excreted excessively. After birth, amount of estrogen hormones decreases and hair loss may begin. This isn’t hazardous because hair grows up again in 1-6 months.
Thyroid Excretion Disorders: Thyroid disorders can lead to weight loss, fever or chilling problems as well as hair loss. This case is a result of hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidis and can be prevented by theraphy or hair plantation.


  • Anemia; % 18 of women have Iron Deficiency Anemia which needs to be cured. Iron deficiency anemia occurs when dietary intake or absorption of iron is insufficient, and hemoglobin, which contains iron, can not be formed. Some researchers assert that hair loss is the early diagnosis of anemia and that has come to existence before the anemia in evidence.
  • Trichotillomania (defined as “hair loss from a patient’s repetitive self-pulling of hair and is characterized by the repeated urge to pull out)
  • Alopecia Areata (condition affecting humans, in which hair is lost from some or all areas of the body, usually from the scalp, it is sometimes called spot baldness.)
  • Hair loss appeared on scar areas caused by accidents, operations, chemical burns, etc.
  • Chemical reasons, unconscious use of cosmetics
  • Medicine (birth control pills, cortisone and some antidepressants etc.)
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