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Literal meaning of the word, mesotheraphy, is the treatment made directly to the middle layer of the skin. Aim is to be more effective by injecting less active materials to the area that needs to be cured. This method used on face, scalp and body.
Estehair, in hair mesotheraphy, special serums containing the vitamine hair needs, mineral and rare-earth elements are injected directly to the middle layer of the skin where hair follicles take place.
Revives the damaged hair, helps the hair loss treatment caused by the other diseases (thyroid disease, anemia, etc.). Also is an effective treatment method in hair loss caused by stress, extended process of seasonal hair loss and nutrition disorders. 

Advantages of Mesotheraphy

Medicine, are injected close to the pathology. In this way, the benefits of treatment are as follows;

  • Regional (local) application opportunity
  • Having very few side effects and low cost
  • Superficial intre- dermal or subcutaneous application, bio-active benefits of the medicine
  • Session intervals being longer compared to other routine applications 

Which type of medicines used in mesotherapy?

There is a wide range of medicines used in mesotheraphy. These medicine are approved by FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration), sold in pharmacies and most of them are herbal products. The important thing is to know the pharmathologic characteristics, how they interact with each other and their potential side effects of the products to be used in the mixture. 

When can I see the results?

5 and 7 sessions after starting the sessions you can see the positive changes. Will take 3 months for the first positive results to be seen. Hair mesotheraphy in Estehair, is first month one session per week, second month one session per ten days and then once in a month. Between 10 and 20 sessions in total are applied.

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