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Hair care and hair treatments which are supported with PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) give better and more effective results. It is highly recommended to support Hair Transplant procedure with PRP session.

What is Hair Transplantation Supported with PRP and How is It Applied?

Patients that have undergone or will undergo hair transplant procedure are recommended to support the procedure with PRP treatment. So many hospitals and aesthetic centers have the possibility to perform this procedure. PRP application is performed once in every three weeks, or within a shorter or longer time frame that is deemed suitable by the doctor. Hair looks more vivid and grows much more easily and the results can be observed just after the session.

PRP Application for Hair Loss Problem

Hair shedding is started to be observed when hair cells are aged and lose their function. If the hair that starts to shed is supported with PRP application, hair cells start to renew themselves, and then shedding decreases over time and disappears mostly within a very short time. PRP treatment works not only during hair shedding, if applied when hair is partly lost or completely thinned, PRP helps to regrow hair much more healthily and thickly. Since the PRP Treatment is performed with patient’s own blood, there is no need to worry for the body to reject the treatment. So, it directly shows positive impacts.

How Long Does the Effect of PRP Application Last?

It should be noted that PRP application doesn’t have a permanent effect. Its permanent effect lasts for about maximum eighteen months. If individuals undergo PRP application regularly, hair and hair roots might increasingly turn to normal, and some individuals might get permanent results. But this is a rare case.

PRP Application Has No Side Effects

PRP application has no side effects. This applies to all individuals. It never leads to negative consequences since it is a kind of cure applied with individual’s own blood. It is not possible for the PRP application to cause any unexpected situations since it even includes blood cell count.
If you have complaints about your hair, you must see a specialist, and get information on PRP application.

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