Hemen Fiyat Al

People thinking of hair transplant operation should be inspected by experts of Estehair at any rate.
During inspection, hair type, hair color, thickness of strand, thickness of side yielder, stage of hair loss and prospect are assessmented individually. Hair graft numbers are calculated and according to stage of hair loss, planning of hair transplantation is operated after these results. During general inspection, it is taken into account if person has transmitted a disease or has a severe illness.

Person’s hair type, hair color and thickness of strand, thickness of side yielder, ratio of hair loss and expectations should be considered. Hair loss types are can be different according to person.

  • Hair graft numbers must be calculated before according to stage of hair loss.
  • People who has thin hair strands or blond hairs are can be seem poor than people who has dark hair and thick hair strands. Because of this first group will have dense hair transplant than the second group receiving well results in terms of esthetic.

All of the analysis which are explaned above important things about success of hair transplantation. Planning and hair transplant must be operated after these results. If people who don’t have the opportunity to meet our doctors face to face and people who will be coming from abroad, can send us some example photos showing us the hair loss ratio, our doctors can calculate how many grafts you will need approximately.

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