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To correct facial contour defects, to provide balance and to give a better view, some bones of the face or derogatory magnifying plastic surgery opereations can be done. When shrinking prerations are done by cutting and shaving, magnifying process is perfomed by placing implants. Face implants can be applied for lower jaw bone, upper jaw bone and also cheekbones. 


People who have small lower jaw and back jaw, it is possible to place implants to the extremity of chin and correction of propotions. For this purpose, a material which is compatible with the body is used for chin implants. These prostheses are semilunar shaped, have different lenght and thickness. This process is accomplished with a horizantal cut over the mouth, lips and teeth or lower jaw. Local or general anesthesia is applied depending on the patient’s request or the process. There would not be any bruises or a serious swelling after the surgery and the patient can return home on the day of the operation. The plaster which is landed on chin extremity would be taken out few days later. A liquid light diet is recommended for the mouth applications.


Lower jaw (mandibula) makes angulation in front of the ear lobe and the lower part of the ear lobe. The operations are performed with an incision which is made inside of the mouth. After the operation, the patient can return home. Elastic bandage is extracted few days after.


Some people have structurally undeveloped upper jaw bone. This affects the proportions between the upper jaw and low jaw. The implants can be placed with an incision into the mouth. This process creates a fullness over the teeth and also both sides of the nose wings and allow to come forward of the nose wings. Maxilla implants are usually performed with the nose surgeries. The others are performed by local anesthesia. 


Can be applied on people who have insufficient cheekbones in order to compose distinct cheeks and a proportional face feature. Cheek bone implants are produced in different length and width. The choice of the prosthesis is made by evaluating the patient’s face features. The application is realized under local anesthesia or general anesthesia. The implants are placed by the cut made between the upper lip and teeth. The most important factor in cheek bone implant applications are the sizes of the implants and choosing the right implantation area. A right placed implant will provide a positive look on the person.

Other advantage of the cheek bone implants is providing an uptight and a younger look by filling the relaxed fat paddings on people who have aging on middle face area. After this application no panicula or bruises occur to a great extent. The patient can return to his/her rutin life in a few days. It is suggested to eat light for a while after the application.

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