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Washing hair after the operation:

  • You should wash your hair 3 days after the operation.
  • Washing should be done as explained below with a special lotion and shampoo till 15th day, everyday once or twice.
  • Apply amply the lotion by your hand smoothly on the hair transplanted area without any friction movement.
  • Keep the lotion applied on the area for 1 hour so that the scabs and clots doesn’t soften.
  • After that, rinse your hand with warm or cold water without applying pressure and friction on the area.
  • Immediately after, with the special shwashing after operationampoo on your hands, press gently without any friction movement, use the shampoo amply and apply till lathered and then rinse off with warm water immediately.
  • With a soft towel you can rub down your hair gently without friction. Or you can dry your hair with hair dryer holding it remotely at warm temperature level.
  • One week after washing, you can wash the hair transplanted area by rubbing gently.
  • Scabs on the hair transplanted area will effect the healing, 10 days after washing, please spill the scrabs if there is any.
  • Two weeks later our doctors will call you.
  • You can use a cap in sunny days till you hair gets long.
  • You can swim, go to Turkish bath, sauna or solarium 1 month later after the hair transplantation.
  • 2.5 months after the hair transplantation pimples may come out on the transplanted areas. If they show increase disturbingly, you can call us.
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