Hemen Fiyat Al


  • Don’t use aspirin and other similar medicine 1 week before the operation.
  • Don’t drink ALCOHOL 3 days before the operation.
  •  If your using medicine for chronical (diabetes, heart disease, blood pressure, tuberculosis, etc.) or acute illnesses it is necessary that you inform your doctor.
  • 2 weeks before the operation, do not use tricyclic antidepressants, medicine that avoid coagulation (heparin coumadine, etc.), beta blockers and mao inhibitors (aurorix etc.) If taken during this periohair transplantationd, please inform your doctor.
  •  Do not friction your hair or skin before the operation.
  • Before the operation please wash your hair and do not use any gel or spreys after.
  • Before the operation have your breakfast for certain. If your operation is afternoon, eat a light lunch.
  • Bring a hat adjustable from the back to wear after the operation.
  • Do not smoke 24 hours before the operation if possible. Don’t forget that smoking will extend the convalescence time.
  • 1 week before the operation do not take preparations that contain B and E vitamines for they will affect bleeding.
  • We do not recommend you to drive in six hours after the operation, if you will be coming by your car make sure you have someone with you to drive.
  • Please put on an apparel (shirt, sweater etc.) that can easily be taken off without rubbing your head.
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