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Can abdominal rupture as a result of pregnancy or abnormal weight gain be prevented?

If the patient is close to the ideal weight, if the skin of the tummy is stretched, generally the skin of the lower abdominal will be removed completely and the rupture here will be gone. The upper abdominal skin will be pulled down and the ruptures here will be lowered to the lower abdominal then.

Who can have a tummy tuck operation?

 The most ideal candidates for tummy tuck are men and women having skin outgrowth together with fat outgrowth in their tummy, of which can not be cured by diet and exercise. Also, women who have given birth, having stretched and loosen tummy skin that is not picked up and is loose, can have this operation. 

Is it sufficient to have liposuction only?

Mostly after the first birth-giving, there may not be much stretching in the skin. In this case if there are not too many ruptures, liposuction can be done only. 

Will there be a long scar after the operation?

The length of the scar depends how much loose skin you have. If the loose skin is much, the scar will be long. If you bend down and press the loose part of your tummy skin, the sides of the fat layer will give you an idea of the length of the scar. If the skin is removed less to have the scar short, the tummy will be tucked from the sides. 

Are the scars very much disturbing? 

Operation scar remains within the bikini. Therefore it is not very much disturbing. 

What is a mini tummy tuck?

It is only removing the skin outgrowth below abdominal and stitching the skin up. It can only be applied to ones having skin layered below abdominal but not in the upper abdominal. The length of the stitch scar will be shorter.

How long after the laboring may I have the operation?

It should be done at least one year after the laboring. In order the operation to be successful, the weight gained should be lost.

May I get pregnant again?

The operation is not an obstacle for you to get pregnant again, however your tummy will deform again in your later pregnancy. As a result, if you think about getting pregnant again, it would be healthier for you to have tummy tuck operation after that.

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