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The grafts which are necessary for brow transplantation, are taken from the nape area one by one to apply fue technique with the help of punch hair matic or micromotor.
The brow area which follicles will be placed, is anesthestized by the local anesthesic medicines.

By the help of lateral slit, micro canals are opened on the area where the brow transplantation takes place. The doctors and medical personnels who are expert in canal opening operations perform the transplantation one by one.

As Estehair corporation, we applied brow transplantation to hundreds of people. Especially in women, brow deformation which is caused by false brow transplantation can easily be corrected by making perfect designs to the brows. Besides this, transplantation is a natural solution and will be done in a short period of time (1-2 hours) without trauma and pain.
The trauma scar is very disturbing, even a small scar on the face can be very noticeble. It can be covered by cosmetics, but the most permanent and natural solution is brow transplantation.


Can the transplantation be applied to other traces?

The brow problems which can be almost fully corrected by brow transplantation:

  • Burn marks
  • Scars
  • Operation marks
  • Stiches

This kind of brow loss can be camouflaged by surrounding brows by brow transplantation.
Scars become invisible after brow transplantation.

How to do brow transplantation?

Like hair transplantation, brow transplantation is the operation where micro grafts (a single strand) are taken from the nape of the person and placed into the gaps of the brow.

Does the technique that will be used in brow transplantation change from person to person?
Usually the same technique is used, but it depends on the loss of brow quantity and reasons of the brow loss.

Can the brow transplantation be applied to everyone?

This operation can be applied to everyone who have hair in the nape part of their body.

Are there any experience of pain during the operation?

Definitely not. With the help of cold sprays or pomades, the sense of pain is removed where the local anesthesia is taken place. Even tattooes that applied to brows are more painful.

Can a natural appearance be obtained after the brow transplantation?

It is vital to know what sort of brow style is requested, because like hair, every brow style differs from one another. Therefore the brow thickness must match the person’s former brow and hair characteristics. It is not suitable to transplant a rare and slim hair model to a person who has a dense and bushy hair, or a dense and bushy hair model to a person who has a rare and slim hair.

What precautions must be taken before the brow transplantation?

The requested brow style is very vital for the operation. Therefore the brow line, density and thickness must be decided with the help of doctors. The most important thing is, a thick hair can easily be shaped, but on the other hand, it is not possible to give a proper shape to a thin brow like thick one. There is no disadvantage if the brow thickness is a bit above normal.

Is there any handicaps after the brow transplantation? What precautions must be taken?

The brows which are taken from the nape part of the body must be shortened once a week.


The transplanted brows have characteristics of hairs, not brows, therefore they will grow faster.

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