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In today’s modern life the people really give importance to their appearance. Especially face beauty and care are important in terms of both appearance and psychologically. By means of the advanced technology, medical developments, new inventions and researches there are solutions for many diseases and problems about appearance.
Beside hair transplantation, the eyebrow transplantation can also be applied successfully from now on. The eyebrow transplantation process which is applied in cases of burnt eyebrows as a result of a sudden accident, eyebrow loss or having no eyebrow due to long term burn treatment or some diseases or treatments like hormone is easily performed by the specialist doctors.

How is Eyebrow Transplantation applied?

Although this transplantation process called as Fue Technic ( a special medical technic) is an easy process that can be applied to all people in every age who have not a serious disease, it should be performed in a sterile environment by an expert in this area as it is a surgical intervention.

The eyebrow transplantation can be shortly described as a process by taking hair follicles from the back of the head and placing them over the eyebrows. By means of a pencil, a new design is drawn and decided by the doctor and the patient.

Then how many follicles are necessary is calculated according to density and thickness of the model drawn. By means of this calculation the hair follicles in necessary amount are taken from the back of the head.

The hair follicle taken from the back of the head are not placed in a random way. As the eyebrow area is not so dense like hair area and cannot be shaped easily like hair, even a little mistake can cause an undesired appearance. So before transplanting the harvested follicles, the direction of them is determined one by one and they are classified.
Firstly, that area is numbed by local anesthesia and small incisions are opened with a tool called Lateral Slit. The follicles are harvested by micro motor or manual punches and they are placed into the opened incisions one by one according to their direction. This process takes about 2 hours in total and due to micro work, it does not cause any pain or suffering. After the transplantation the patient can go home but it is important for him/her to protect his/her eyebrow area against external factors as the follicles have been just placed.

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